The latest

It occured to me that i haven’t posted anything in a while so here is the latest.

I’m about to launch a new record label! Panda fire records will be launching later this month. I’ve hand picked a number of talented artists for this new venture. It’s very exciting and i’ve got my sights set high.

In other news i just finished a progressive house track. The song “feline exhile” will be up on the site soon.

Djtechtools com will be posting one of my articles soon. I will also be submitting a video tutorial on how to dj with ableton live. That will be on that site shortly too.

I’vd got some shows coming up. Keep your eyes posted for updates on that.

Track List: February Music Chart

Here are 10 killer songs I was playing in February. This collection is not meant to be a “best of” list and are in no particular order. These were played at my at the Half Lounge for the Freakshow event on Mardi Gras and at the Burlington After Hours Party at Burlington Media Group Studios.

Tiny dancers!!!

I played a benefit family dance party today for a Montessori school in Montpelier. I had two motives. The first was to do something for the community. The second was to see what type of music four and five year olds would dance to.

Right from the get go i knew it was going to be a good time. With boundless energy, the kids were running and sliding across the dance floor even before i dropped the first song.

The music began and i rotated through a number of 80s child friendly classics. Looking to speed it up i moved on to more modern dance music.

The kids loved songs from Bob Sinclair and Daft Punk. This was a crowd uncorrupted by MTV and commercial radio. All they heard was the music-the beat.

As Daft’s “Around the World” met the little ear drums on the floor it became quite obvious why this music worked. With a great rythm and repetitive lyrics it was a lot like children’s songs but on steroids.

I left the show feeling really positive. I guess kids will put you in that mood.