June 2017 House Mix – Purple Trees Podcast 026

June 2017 House Mix – Purple Trees Podcast 026

Rob in the booth at WRUV 90.1 FMSome of my favorite recent jams. Track list is below! Enjoy!

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Num. Title Artist Label
1 Babylon (Mihalis Safras Africano Rmx) Joeski Maya Records
2 Bassari People (Original Mix) Andre Hommen Objektivity
3 Cosmic (Original Mix) Latmun Lost Records
4 Body Jack (Get My Swerve On) Max Chapman ElRow Music
5 Maria Gasolina (Original Mix) Ross Evans Saved Records
6 Bamboo (Original Mix) Mr. Bizz
7 Synergy (Original Mix) SUDO Variety Music
8 Perenne (Original) Nick Curly KNM
9 Mantra 304 (Original Mix) Lauren Lane Saved Records
10 What the F**k (Santé Remix) Roland Clark Get Physical Music
11 Like This (Original Mix) Gene Farris, Mihalis Safras Relief
12 Kinky Tail (Original Mix) Detlef Hot Creations

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