April 2017 Mellow Mix –  Purple Trees Podcast 023

April 2017 Mellow Mix – Purple Trees Podcast 023

Rob in the booth at WRUV 90.1 FMThanks for listening! Here is part 2 of my latest set on WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington, Vermont. I started mellow and groovy with this one. Track list is below! Enjoy!

Upcoming gigs:

March 31 – Temple of Dreams
Arts Riot, Burlington, VT

April 15 – Burner Prom
Arts Riot, Burlington, VT

April 29 – ImagineNeon – In Bloom
Machine, Boston, MA

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-Rob Ticho

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Title Artist Label
Revenge of the Wankers (Original Mix) Oceanvs Orientalis Kindisch
Porcelain (Arty Remix) Moby Anjunabeats
Shaman Disco (Original Mix) Richard Rossa, Acid Hamam Tom Tom Disco
Borneo (Original Mix) Parra for Cuva Monaberry
Blue Mountain (Original Mix) Lawrence Mule Musiq
Uno y Dos (Jonathan Kusuma Remix One) Frank Agrario Tom Tom Disco
Gou Talk (Original Mix) Peggy Gou Technicolour
Fantasmeta (Original Mix) Upercent, Affkt This And That
Maerk (Original Mix) Aparde Lenient Tales Recordings
Mondays (Original) Beckers, D-Nox Bedrock Records

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