Live from 90.1 FM WRUV – Purple Trees Podcast 016

Live from 90.1 FM WRUV – Purple Trees Podcast 016

Back at it! It’s been a busy summer so far. A couple of weekends ago we held Zenith (our Vermont Burn)  and had a blast camping out, playing tunes and playing with fire.

That was followed up by a mellow set last Saturday at the Light Club Lamp Shop in Burlington, VT with my DJ partner Scott Carlson.

Now I’m off to Firefly (New England Burning Man Regional Event) where I’ll be playing five sets and hanging with all my favorite people from Boston.

Lastly, I’ll be playing at the Lotus Lodge in Bolton Valley, VT for their Full Moon Party on July 16.

Please enjoy this mix from my radio set on June 25, 2016 on WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington.

Thanks for listening and please spread the word about the show.

I’ll catch you in a few weeks!

-Rob Ticho

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