Fall 2015 Deep House and Techno Selections – Purple Trees Podcast 008

Fall 2015 Deep House and Techno Selections – Purple Trees Podcast 008

Here in Vermont the leaves, apple cider is flowing, and Fall is here. It’s a great time to prep for winter and what hopes to be a bountiful season of studio productions. Be sure to subscribe because I’m planning on releasing episodes more recently and you will have a chance to hear pre-released music from my label, Default Rejects Records.

Lastly, I ask that if you enjoy this show, please tell your friends! Share the show on Facebook and Twitter or force your friends to listen with you as you dance in your kitchen. Word of mouth is how this podcast spreads so you really have a chance to show support by this simple action.

Thanks for listening and I’ll catch you in a few weeks!

-Rob Ticho

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Track Listing

1.Trivia (Original Mix) by Marcus Worgull, Peter Pardeike

2.Amore & Psiche (Original Mix) by Luca Ballerini @ 5:36

3.Hour After Hour (Original Mix) by Kollektiv Turmstrasse @ 9:52

4.Night (Fabio Florido Remix) by Domshe, On Beat @ 14:52

5.Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix) by Sven Vath @ 19:58

6.XTC (Original Mix) by DJ Koze @ 25:05

7.Ted Benecki (Yvel & Tristan Remix) by Snilloc @ 29:00

8.Modular (Original Mix) by Gianni Callipari @ 34:06

9.No Fear (Maris & Blackbull Remix) by John Acquaviva, Lutzenkirchen @ 39:00

10.The Devil (Dub Mix 2015) by Alex D’Elia, Sharon JJ @ 43:10

11.Meteorite (Original Mix) (Original Mix) by Julian Jeweil @ 48:40

12.Living In A Song (Gardens Of God Remix) by Dino Lenny @ 51:26

13.Sungam (Fur Coat Remix) by Stephan Bodzin @ 56:40

14.In Dark, In Day (Original Mix) by Maya Jane Coles, Gaps @ 1:00:16

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